Meet Alan Strachan the Man Behind the Brand

A Short Bio by Alan Strachan

Hi there, my name is Alan Strachan and I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and Alan Strachan Personal Training. I've been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, helping transform the bodies of clients using my own brand of personal training, which I believe is quite simply a class above the rest.

Personal training is a concept that most modern gyms and health clubs offer as an supplementary service to the standard membership. I have long since believed that personal training is a service that should be the dominant presence in the fitness industry, as it is without a doubt the most successful method for attaining results, especially when weight loss of body shape change is the goal. Personal training has reached a point where it is a well established entity and most people are aware of its existence and what it is, but it is still an under utilised service due to the way it is perceived and sold. I believe proper personal training should be the first port of call for all fitness and weight loss trainees, giving them the motivation and knowledge they need to achieve their short term goals and for their long term health and fitness lifestyles.

When I first heard about personal training, it was taking off as the latest craze in America and had not yet become a well known concept within the fitness industry in the UK. At the time, I was working as a gym instructor and approached the gym manager with a plan to implement personal training services to the facility. My passion for personal training very quickly developed and I took this passion to several of the largest fitness and health club brands in the UK and developed my own experience and their personal training programmes. After many years' experience in personal training, and with a diverse client portfolio, including several well known personalities, including some of Scotland's top international footballers, I realised a desire and goal to develop my own style of personal training based on my own experiences of what works best, highlighting the effectiveness of high intensity, abbreviated training, and to build my own dedicated personal training facility that stood by its word of helping its members and clients achieve their health and fitness goals and realise their ultimate potential.

Alan Strachan Personal Training Powered by ESP Fitness are the realisations of that goal and they are the brands I am using to promote, what I believe to be, the best and most effective fitness and personal training and fitness services in Scotland. I have invested heavily in the quality of the facility, the equipment and the personal training staff to ensure my clients are the most well informed and motivated trainees and gym goers in Scotland.

Alan Strachan Personal Training operate from a custom built personal training facility, which houses the latest, state of the art fitness equipment and will offer a wide range of health and fitness related services such as group exercise classes, circuits, sports massage and a full range of health and beauty therapies, which are conducted within the Park Gardens Spa treatment rooms.

I hope this brief introduction gives you an insight into my passion and experience of the fitness and personal training world and of the ESP Fitness brand and services and I hope that if you haven't already done so, that you come along and give our services go as I guarantee you will not be disappointed.









Alan Strachan is one of the only and few personal trainers in Scotland who is certified by EAS to train his ESP Powered Gym members with the Body for Life programme.

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