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Nutrition is the selection and preparation of foods & fluids and their ingestion to be assimilated by the body. By taking part in a healthy diet and lifestyle many of the worlds known health issues can be avoided and promote to you a much better lifestyle.

A healthy nutritous diet can help you look and feel your best and is easier than you may think to acheive and sucessfully input into your everyday life.

At Alan Strachan Personal Training Hamilton Glasgow, we pride ourselves in helping our members perfectly organised for your new healthier lifestyle and fitness challenges that lay ahead.

Nutritional Expert Alan Strachan's Body for Life 21 Day Anti-inflammatory Reeboot Programme...

"Inflammation is holding us back in so many ways and no one is really explaining it to us. All we know is that it is bad but no one wants to tell us why it's keeping us from losing weight, gaining results or why it makes us feel terrible.

This is mainly because the food lobbyists don't want us to dip their profits when we find out that inflammation is caused by most of the so called healthly foods that we are eating everyday!

I started personal training in 1995 and I did my first nutrition qualification a few years later. The world has massively changed since that time and so has the nutritional information that's made available to us.

The thing is the way I was always taught was to always resort to basics when helping people lose weight or gain muscle. Simple calories in versus calories out was the mantra. But it's become apparent that this is not the simple case and there is something much bigger and quieter playing and triggering our bodies behind the scenes.

For me tutoring clients would always start off great, almost every person who had started with me would quickly see results and also inform me they felt a lot better, this was great to hear! Then comes the interesting bit for me, after 3 weeks almost everyone would feel as though they were not getting the same levels of progression they had started off with either on the scales or by their body shape. For me it was too easy to say they were just experiencing a plateau stage, but it had baffled me and my peers for years as to what was actually going on.

So to make a very long story shorter, I began to learn and study about inflammation and the effects it has on our bodies. During this journey I actually managed to get in contact with some of my old course tutors and also spoke to the 'Food Doctor' himself Ian Marber. This led me to find out how inflammation works and how it could be holding everyone back from losing weight or achieving their goals.

So what did I come up with? Well I found out that inflammation can cause all sorts of issues in the digestive tract making it so you're not absorbing all the available nutrients in the foods we're eating. This was a huge step because without any doubt every client I had on our Body for Life Programme were eating a very healthy diet, but after a few weeks were reaching that 'plateau' stage. So when I realised that there was specific so called healthy foods that I had told my clients to eat and that it could be those foods causing this to happen, it all started to make sense.

In a nutshell if you're not absorbing nutrients then your body goes into starvation mode and that means you will store more fat. It's our bodies simple survival instinct. So basically the outcome to my story is after doing all this studying on inflammation I have devised the perfect '21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Reboot' that will give you not only the opportunity to lose weight or gain results but will also give you an eating system that will maintain a very healty body and start to build a very good physique plus state of mind if that is your choice.

The Results: After 21 days you will definitely not plateau!"

Many thanks for reading, Alan Strachan :)


Your Health Consultation...

Our initial 1 hour dietry analysis and lifestyle consultation is based around helping you develop a better understanding of the importance of eating well, resting well and training well - then marrying all of these disciplines together to achieve your very best results. Alan will also create for you a bespoke anti-inflammatory menu to assist you in achieving your goals faster and retaining your results for longer.


Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation

  • 1 Hour Dietary Anaylsis & Lifestyle Consultation plus anti-inflammatory menu - £75.00
  • Bespoke anti-inflammatory menu - £30.00

The Topics Covered in our Session Include:

  • Macro nutrient topics
  • Fruit and vegetable intake and their health properties
  • Protien measures
  • Cutting out saturated fats & sugars
  • Salt intake and the impact on your body
  • Achieving your target and healthiest weight
  • The importance of hydration
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Metabolism


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