Fitness Classes for that Special Occassion, Competition or Event?

Whether it's training for anything from your own personal fitness, right through to special events or even something as gruelling as a marathon. Let Scotland's leading personal trainers take care of everything for you...  It's our pleasure and honour to see our members transformation in preparation for an event or occassion that's close to their heart. Working as part of a team our professional classes will take you to the next level in visible results and fitness levels.


Professional Athlete Training...

Alan Strachan Personal Training Hamilton Glasgow is more than just about first class health and fitness. We also help the best sports performers and athletes reach their ultimate potential with training that is distinctly different from anything else. We have worked with some of Scotland's sport industry's top professionals and helped give them the competitive edge they need in their chosen discipline.

ASPT Professionals 1

ASPT Professionals 2

ASPT Professionals 3


Wedding Day Packages...

Here at Alan Strachan Personal Training Hamilton Glasgow we specialise in helping you look great and feel amazing on the most important day of your life - your wedding day! We understand how important this day is to you which is why we have developed the ultimate wedding training packages that GUARANTEES results.

For the Brides do you have a few unwanted pounds to lose, tone or shape up and really make a big change to your body? What about our Grooms, are you looking to lose a few pounds and work on strength training so you can lift your partner for that traditional carry to your bedroom?

At Alan Strachan Personal Training we have the wedding package to suit you on the approach to your big day, ensuring you look your best for those eternal wedding photographs.

Get that Perfect
Beach Body...

BE BEACH FIT with Scotland's leading personal training company! Our body for life 12 weeks to a new you programme will get you ready for your next holiday in the sun. View our page on Body for life for more information on this immense programme!

Aszurra Fitness Hamilton Beach Body


Doctors Orders Health & Training...

Are you worried about your health and know the only way to increase your quality of life and more importantly your life expectancy is through healthy eating and excercise? At Alan Strachan Personal Training and Athletica Fitness Hamilton we really do care about your health and wellbeing. We can be as discreet as you like and will g/umbraco/#contentuide you to a new healthier you that you and your family can once again enjoy and be proud of.

Questions which you should ask your doctor before starting your new fitness lifestyle with Alan Strachan Personal Training Hamilton Glasgow.

  • What is my risk of heart disease?
  • What is my blood pressure & what does that mean for me?
  • What are my cholesterol numbers ?
  • What is my BMI and waist measurements?
  • What is my blood sugar level?
  • What is my heart healthy eating plan?


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