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Having pioneered one to one personal training within the Lanarkshire and west of Scotland area since the mid 90's. Alan Strachan Personal Training is cited as among the top names within the Scottish personal training industry. For many our whole ethos compliments their busy lifestyles and it's why our members join Athletica Fitness Hamilton Glasgow and stay.

Here's what some of our members had to say about Alan Strachan Personal Training and the Athletica Fitness Gym Studio Hamilton...

Susan Chadwick

Target: Weight Loss and Personal Health

"You would think going on holiday to Italy would be something to look forward to: eighteen months ago it wasn't. Why? My weight and lack of fitness. I decided enough was enough and it was time to do something about it. I hated the idea of weekly weigh-ins and knew a diet alone was not enough.

It had to be a proper health and fitness regime and a change to my way of life. That was when I first contacted Alan Strachan and after an initial assessment and determining a nutrition plan I went on holiday knowing I had taken the first step.

I started training at the end of August, with regular half hour personal training sessions. These made a difference immediately and it was easy to manage fitting that amount of time into my day. A big advantage of working with the personal trainers at Alan Strachan's is that they have the knowledge and experience to set the right programme for your fitness level and to enable you to reach your targets.

I also changed my eating habits, cutting down on carbohydrates and dairy and other fats and taking on a diet high in protein, fruit and vegetables as well as eating at least five times a day to keep my metabolism going.

The change was phenomenal and now I am four stone lighter, and have kept it that way for over a year now and going to the gym has become part of my life. I love it and I am lighter, healthier and fitter and there are always new things to target and achieve.

It is also great to know that what I have done has encouraged others to do the same as it is much easier to take that first step when you can see the real results achieved by others.

It has taken focus and determination to get there and Alan Strachan Personal Training will work you as hard as you are prepared to work. I would never have achieved this without their support and drive by just going to a general gym on my own. The trainers don't just do this as a job, it is their way of life, and has now become the same for me."

Alan Crawford

Target: Weight Loss and Strength Training

"I booked Alan Strachan personal training at the start of last year after hearing great reports from my sister who had also booked his Body For Life 12 week program. I decieded to take the plunge and have not looked back. I trained with Jordan Dunn 4 times per week mixing up cardio free weights and some boxing. The sessions are 30 minutes and you get why there that time after just 5 !! I genually feel the strongest and fittest I have done in many years and would massively recommend Alan and his team and the Body for life program."

Laura Gallagher

Target: Health, Toning and Lifestyle

"I suppose my story started back in May 2012 when I watched my husband participate in the Athletica Fitness Ultrafit challenge. My husband had been training with Alan and I had watched him lose 4 stones in weight. I stood there that day and thought to myself how well he had done and wouldn't it be great if I could do something like this. I also had the fear of turning 40 the following year and didn't want to be in the shape I was in. I myself was carrying a great deal of extra weight after having two children and putting on a lot of that weight during both pregnancies. Afterwards, I became stuck in a cycle of eating junk food as a convenience and snacking throughout the day which became a comfort thing for me. I was feeling uncomfortable in my own body and had lost a lot of confidence. I also felt breathless just climbing the stairs at home.

I began training with Alan in May 2012 and I have never looked back. To date I have lost over 3 stones in weight and I not only feel healthy and fit but my confidence has come back too. What I love about the training sessions is the short half hour sessions which I can easily fit into my day and I like having someone there to really put me through my paces. Alan and his team made me feel at ease from day one. They are very professional and gave me encouragement along the way and lots of helpful advice with nutrition. I had tried loads of different diets over the years and had gone to the gym but to no avail. The combination of the right nutritional advice and the training sessions really worked for me and I couldn't believe how quickly the weight came off and how for the first time in years my body had a shape to it. I feel fantastic now and it's all thanks to Alan and his team!!!"

Suzanne Brown

Target: Weight Loss & Active Family Lifestyle

"I have really enjoyed working with Alan and his team. Every member is excellent and they give 100% at all times. The advice given at each session is invaluable. Not only is training advice given but nutritional advice. All team members are very professional and are full committed to help me achieve my goals. Alan Strachan Personal Training offer a first class service and I would highly recommend them."

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