Body For Life Intense Fitness Programme Hamilton Glasgow

Body for Life - 12 weeks to a new you!

Body for Life is an ultimate and approved transformation fitness programme by Alan Strachan Personal Training and Athletica Gym Hamilton Glasgow.

Our intensive 12 week nutritional eating and excercise programme as well as annual physique transformation competition that you can choose to enter has been expertly tested and modified to promote exceptional results.

Body for Life was created by Bill Philips, a former competitive bodybuilder and owner of EAS who manufacture nutritional sports and wellbeing supplements. The first annual Body for Life competition was held back in 1996.

Entrants were to write about their personal experiences of the programme and send them to EAS along with their before and after photographs. 18 years on and Body for Life is still going strong with the number of people who have completed the programme at over 3 million and counting!

Alan Strachan is one of the only and few personal trainers in Scotland who is certified by EAS to train his Athletica Gym members with the Body for Life programme.

Our 50 session package is currently only £999 with the usual price being £1500. Contact us today to get your sessions booked and take advantage of this outstanding offer!


Hand Held Nutrition...

A massive part of the 12 week programme is the nutritional side where Alan Strachan Personal Training will aim to get you your perfect personal menu. Eating healthy does not have to be boring, it's not about diet it's about nutritional value and giving your body what it needs for the intensive work that Body for Life demands.

The idea will be to get you eating 6 smaller meals a day instead of the standard 3 large meals. Body for Life along with some nutritional experts maintain that eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day will boost the body's metabolism causing you to burn fats much quicker. Eating the right foods at the right times and in the correct portions is key to your success in this programme and your continued training results in general. Learn more about nutritional packages from Alan Strachan Personal Training Hamilton Here.

Alan was featured in 2005 in one of the UK's leading fitness magazines 'Ultrafit' were he was interviewed about the benefits of the Body for Life programme. Alan has always said "in all the years I have trained personally and been training others, I have never seen such fantastic results so quickly in any individual as when they are working the Body for Life programme - it's amazing!"

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